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July 27, 2005

Trim My Heart

Otavalo, Ecuador

Last night, I was sitting in front of the fire place with my guitar trying to write a song, and I looked down at the coffee table at the unlit candle that was sitting there. It was cold and hard, and the wick slightly buried in its own wax. I was going to need to trim it and do some minor surgery on it for it to be lit once again and burn bright.

My mind reflected immediately to my own heart at times when it is left unattended, when I haven’t been in prayer and in God’s Word. At those times, I feel my darkest; I feel broken, cold, and hard. I am buried in my own selfishness and flesh, and nothing but the flame of God’s forgiveness and grace can burn that away.

Does your heart need trimming like the wick of a candle needs to be trimmed? Have you left your life unattended by the means of God’s Grace? If so, there is probably struggle, pain, and scars buried in the selfishness of your heart. God can heal you and begin to melt those things away. Often, scars will remain, but one day, the Bible promises to those whose faith is in Jesus that “When He appears, we will be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is!” I John 3:2,3

I pray that the lyrics of this song will both challenge and encourage you this day. It is the daily cry of my soul to my Father to Trim My Heart.

Trim My Heart

Like a candle on the table
That no longer holds a flame,
The heart left unattended
Is covered up with shame.
Nothing but a fire can bring it back again
To burn away the selfishness and sin.

Like You trim a candle, Trim My Heart
Where it’s dark and broken,
Where it’s cold and hard.
With the flame of forgiveness
Melting all the scars.
My light shines brighter,
when You Trim My Heart.

The Word of God a fire
Shining light so I can see
The Father’s hand of mercy
Cutting deep inside of me.
Through the pain and struggle He never lets me be.
He lifts me from my self and sets me free.

I know my God is faithful In the dark when I’m alone
When my candle flickers, His Word will guide me home.

written by Dan Meyers
Pilgrim Road Music ©2005 ASCAP